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Workshop: Power Electronics for Grid Integration of Wind Energy


Das European Center of Power Electronics ist ein europäisches, industriegetriebenes Forschungsnetzwerk mit Sitz in Nürnberg. Zu den Aktivitäten zählt die Organisation von Schulungen und wissenschaftliche Tagungen im Bereich Leistungselektronik.

Zu der Veranstaltung, die in der Messe Husum & Congress stattfindet, werden Teilnehmer/-innen aus ganz Europa anwesend sein.

Informationen zum Workshop-Thema (auf Englisch):

Wind Energy represents one backbone of renewable energy production and a field where power electronics is established. The modern world is seeking solutions to become more sustainable in terms of power generation and more efficient as well. One of the solutions is to implement renewable generation in the electrical power system and the wind turbine technology has been the fastest moving technology just followed tight by photovoltaic systems. The steady growth for decades of the installed wind power has reached 500 GW capacity in 2017 and together with the up-scaling of the single wind turbine power capability – e.g. 8-10 MW are announced by manufacturers, this has pushed the research and development of all aspects in terms wind power engineering.

Some trends are that the power electronic converters move towards full scale power conversion, large efforts are done towards lower cost per kW and kWh, higher power density and lower weights are needed as well as there is a constant need for a higher reliability for all system components in order to reduce operation and maintenance costs. Further substantial efforts are carried out on the wind turbine technology to comply with the more stringent grid codes, especially grid faults ridethrough and reactive power injection, as well as operation in weak grid conditions, which challenges the power converter topologies and the wind turbine components during operation.

The role of power electronics in electric utilities is also changing from an enabling technology for renewable generation and energy efficiency improvement to an underpinning technology for grid modernization. Electronic power transmission and distribution grids, which can efficiently manage electricity among power electronic-based sources and loads, are being envisioned in the near future.

This workshp chaired by Prof. Frede Blaabjerg (Aalborg University, Denmark) and Prof. Marco Liserre (Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany) will discuss many of the aspects related to power electronics and wind turbines – from basic components, to converter, and their control up to wind farm control and its realization.



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